Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Ecosystem

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Our Start-Up Ecosystem

TIH – IITG in collaboration with the Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) – IIT Guwahati will provide a platform for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Ecosystem.
The TIH – IIT Guwahati will also provide the financial support for the Start-ups, Young and Aspiring technology entrepreneurs, and entrepreneur in residence in the domain of underwater exploration through several schemes.
A social entrepreneurship program will be available to cater the technical / non-technical need of the society. TIH – IITG invites innovative and exciting proposals for start-ups in the following areas:
• Ecosystem study of Water Bodies.
• Fish farming
• Aquatic plants and flower harvesting
• Weed management.
• Monitoring and management of water crops
• Floating solar power system
• Lakes, falls, wetland, lagoons, estuaries
• Migratory bird observation
• Aqua Tourism / Aqua Sports
• Micro hydel system for energy harvesting
• Water quality check
• Search and Rescue
• Micro hydel based energy harvesting
• Maintenance & repair of underwater structures
• Monitoring flood
• Navigation & communication
• Tourism – Inland water transport
• Hydropower Dams inspection, maintenance, and silt removal
• River health monitoring
• Deep – sea exploration
• Autonomous Underwater Vehicle